Equal Opportunity Gazers

Ponder Anew presents

“We say not My Father, but Our Father, for the teacher of peace and master of unity would not have men pray singly and severally, since when any prays, he is not to pray for himself only. ”  Prayer, P 223

“The mental posture of prayer calms and purifies the soul, and makes it of more capacity to receive the divine gifts which are poured into it.  For God does not hear us for the prevailing force of our pleadings; He is at all times ready to give us His light, but we are not ready to receive it, but prone to other things.”  Prayer, P. 223

“Through loving God we are aflame to gaze on His beauty.  And since every one rejoices when he obtains what he loves, it follows that the contemplative life terminates in delight…the result being that love also becomes more intense.” Prayer P. 222



sermon in a sentence 1

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