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Still Relishing the Not Freshly Pressed Award

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A couple of years ago, my WordPress friend Don Charisma,, came up with a great way to acknowledge his followers in WordPress who have not been awarded the WordPress Freshly Pressed Award.

For those not familiar with the award, click here

I admit I was not giving any thought to why I have not been featured on the Freshly Pressed page.   I have perused the Freshly Pressed posts once or twice, and it seemed to me that my humble attempts would not stack up to what I interpret as very polished, rapidly processed, cultural avant garde  blogs with a dash of insight for flavor.   But as Aristotle would say, we need to look at the whole work, and to each his own, right? Perhaps when I looked there  was just a small sampling of genres.

In any event, I read some of the criteria for getting the award, winced at my almost negligible chances (considering WordPress looks at half a million blogs a day) and went back to doing what Ponder Anew does- thinking about matters in life and formulating a faith response grounded in sound reason with sometimes a hint of humor. (Aquinas was once called a ‘dumb ox’ and it didn’t faze him!)  The mind of St Thomas Aquinas is the most frequented visitor and reference in my perspectives, so I sincerely doubt the good powers that be (and WordPress supports are top notch), would be remotely interested in the thoughts of a 13th century, obscure theologian’s approach to contemporary issues, even if they are framed to accommodate cultural mores somewhat.  So be it.

Anyway, it was very insightful and community-creating for DC to come up with these badges for those who are missing out on the fanfare and hoopla around FPA. Maybe one day our luck will change.  Anyway, I still like my ‘unfeatured’ badge.  Thanks DC!

Badge rights:

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