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An Aquinian and Kierkegaard Complexion



I am always trying to figure out the ‘real issue,’ why things seem to be the way they are rather than another way. It is an occupational hazard for philosophers.

For example, I was asked at the Palm Sunday Mass if I would bring up the offering for the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  Now, usually a family takes the offering and gifts of bread and wine to the priest.  I wondered why I was asked; single persons do not reproduce in like manner as blessed loaves and fishes.

“By myself?” I asked.

I asked because I am the perfect candidate to be a striker for Kierkegaard, in a single chair hugging a wall in the back of the sanctuary. Don’t mind me; I like quietly following the liturgy in the Missal, thank you. So you’d be better off to find the “correct” configuration of per-sons to offer the fruits of man’s hands for the most wonderful, the most solemn, the most joy filled, and the most sacred action on this planet.

“On the contrary,” my Aquinian conscience says, “the Church is a family.” Oops.  This is the real issue. This includes me.  And you and you and you.

“Sure.” I will answer yes, amen, so be it, when Jesus’ Church calls.

All of us have a blessed Holy Week!


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Aquinian Kilroy, Homer Style

Aquinas was here

“Natural reason tells us that because of the inadequacies we perceive in ourselves we need to subject to some superior source of help and direction; and whatever that source might be, everybody calls it God.”     Humility, p. 17

“One must, as St. Gregory said, honor man because he is man and made in the image and likeness of God, and not for anything that surrounds him (like riches, precious clothing, power, a noble name [even one like Aquinas or Homer! 🙂 ], or a multitude of friends and relations.”  Love of neighbor, p.43

sermon in a sentence 1


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Equal Opportunity Passage

enter and exit

“I too am a mortal man, the same as all the rest, and a descendant of the first man formed of earth.  And in my mother’s womb I was molded into flesh in a ten month period- body and blood, from the seed of man, and the pleasure that accompanies marriage.  And I too, when born, inhaled the common air, and fell upon the kindred earth; wailing, I uttered that first sound common to all.  In swaddling clothes and with constant care I was nurtured.  For no king has any different origin or birth, but one is the entry into life for all; and in one same way they leave it.”

Wisdom 7:1-6     NAB

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