Be Joyful


“There are some who are worried from day to day about temporal matters as much as a year in advance.  Those who are so concerned are never at rest…Hence our Lord teaches us to ask that our bread be given us today, i.e., whatever we need for the present.”  Spirit of Poverty, P.51

Happiness is not to be found in material goods [because] such goods cannot satisfy man.  This is clear on many scores…Material goods, as being the lower in the order of nature, do not contain all goodness by possess only a portion of goodness.”  Spirit of Poverty, P.53

“The ultimate good….contains perpetual and full joy.  Our Lord was thinking of this when He bade us, in John 16:24: ‘Ask and you shall receive, that your joy may be full.’  Full joy, however, can be gained from no creature, but only from God, in whom the entire plenitude of goodness resides.” Spirit of Poverty, P. 53


sermon in a sentence 1


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