Humble Children

From Aquinas’ heart to yours on the first Sunday of Advent 2014:

advent 3

“Humility orders us in relation to God.  Justice regulates us in regard to our neighbors; and Purity with regard to ourselves.”  P.35, Humility

“Natural reason tells us that because of the inadequacies we perceive in ourselves we need to subject ourselves to some superior source of help and direction; and whatever that source might be, everybody calls it God.”  P. 37, Humility

“The angel who announced Christ’s birth did not go to Jerusalem, nor did he seek the Scribes and Pharisees, for they were corrupted, and full of ill-will.  But the shepherds were single-minded, and were like the patriarchs and Moses in their mode of life.”  P.41 Humility

For me it is a challenge to remain humble in our world of competition and one-upsmanship, but here it is, my eyes on the prize for Advent spelled out in front of everyone!

Rejoice!  He’ll be here in 4 weeks.

blessings, Kassey

sermon in a sentence 1               aquinas poem


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