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“You supply us with all temporal goods. You reserve for us an eternal good. You inspire us with the beauty of creation. You appeal to us with the mercy of redemption. You promise us blessings in reward. For all these I am incapable of sufficient praise.”  Hope, P. 137







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On Firing Minds


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If the goodness, beauty and sweetness of creatures are so alluring to the minds of men, the fountain-head of the goodness of God Himself, in comparison with the rivulets of goodness which we find in creatures, will set on fire the minds of men and draw them wholly to itself.”   P.145,  Love of God


We are in the image of God by the fact that we exist, that we know that we exist, and that we love both this knowledge and this existence…Loving is the perfection of love.”        P.145  Love of God


The lover is not satisfied with a superficial apprension of the beloved, but strives to gain an intimate knowledge of everything pertaining to the beloved, so as to penetrate into his very soul.  thus it is written concerning the Holy Ghost, Who is God’s love, that He searcheth all things, yea the deep things of God. ” P.145,  Love of God


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