O Saving Victim








Have a very blessed day!


God be the glory


5 thoughts on “O Saving Victim

  1. Happy Easter… He is risen; as a buy I was raised to say Christos Aneste (“Χριστός ἀνέστη!” – “Christ is Risen!” in Greek)… there is only a little Greek in my family but we were Eastern Orthodox Christian…


  2. Welcome friend, from a western Roman Catholic…”O Saving Victim” comes from Thomas Aquinas’ hymn from the 13th century:

    “O saving Victim, open wide
    the gate of heaven to man below;
    our foes press on from every side;
    thine aid supply; thy strength bestow.

    All praise and thanks to thee ascend
    for evermore, blest One in Three;
    O grant us life that shall not end
    in our true native land with thee.”

    thank you for your prompt, I should have posted this above!

    Christ is indeed Risen! Blessings…


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