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saint patrick's day

As feast days for saints go,  St Patrick’s day is a welcome respite from lent, but in my mind, for the culture’s over treatment of Patty’s day- namely green beer, parades and pseudo “mardi galas,” it’s not one of my favorite feast days. But I do love corned beef sandwiches and  I’ll wear my happy St Patrick’s day t shirt so I don’t get pinched.

 Here is Saint Patrick’s prayer.   Absolutely beautiful.  

pat's prayer

In the link below, Gregory Elder discusses some legends around St. Patrick and his time and ministry in Ireland:

[…] “Of the actual St. Patrick, we know relatively little. He is called the Apostle of Ireland and is even now the patron saint of that beautiful land along with St. Brigit and St. Columba.”…


Bn 387 AD       patrick's shamrock                                                           shamrock


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