Tapping my Foot


For his frenzied statesmanlike mannerisms, it seems odd that Churchill would make such a simple observation about a simple pleasure.  

        Oh, that we could enjoy simple pleasures more often.

When we were little, my brother and I stayed at our grandparents’ home a lot during the summers.


 My favorite activity was horseback riding with Papaw.  

Today I thought about those early mornings when Papaw woke me up to go ride his horses, Snooper and Frisky.  Frisky was Snooper’s daughter and as you can tell by her name, Papaw would never let me ride her.  And that was ok, I loved Snooper, she was aged and mellow, very gentle.

To wake me, Papaw would tap the bottom of my foot.

“Go splash water on your face.”   

    I was up and ready to go. We walked to the corral to saddle them up and we were off. The air was cool, sun peaking over the mountain and the grass was always fresh with dew.  

                                My, we need more mornings like this…

                                      mercies anew                           


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