Words of Faith and Hope published!



Exciting!!  During the winter break in 2010, my 3rd year at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, I was looking for something to do before school started again.  One day I picked up my Our Sunday Visitor  newsweekly and for some reason, decided to glance at the classified section. An ad for writers to do some research for a book caught my eye.  I contacted the editor, Craig Turner, who contributed to the book:

The Power of Miracles: Stories of God in the Everyday  by Joan Wester Anderson

Craig explained his proposal to Tan books, and after I told him I wanted to participate he gave me a list of saints to choose for research for two books, Words of Hope and Words of Faith.

This worthy project is Craig’s brain/love child and neither himself nor any of us are receiving any monies or compensation for this work.  It is our donation to build up God’s kingdom.   All total there are 6 writers who built on the book, Words of Love, a collection of conversations between 3 religious sisters and our Lord:


For the benefit of my Protestant followers or followers of other faiths or no faith, private revelations are not the same as the Word of God, neither are they expected or required to be accepted by others as divine revelation.  Nevertheless,  spiritual readings are afforded due respect and attention, comparable to the occasions when  other persons of faith share testimonies with each other. In those and these books’ cases, we are all free to take what we like and leave the rest. 

Finally, Words of Love, Words of Faith and Words of Hope have similar formats- recollections of religious and saints that are categorized according to virtue, joy, holiness, humility and the like.

 I chose the bookBirgitta of Sweden, Life and Selected Revelations:                                                                   



My notes on St Birgitta of Sweden went into Words of Faith.

We can buy Words of FaithWords of Love, and Words of Hope here:https://tanbooks.benedictpress.com/index.php/page/shop:flypage/product_id/1178

My prayer is that many will be blessed by these books.  Be blessed!

9 thoughts on “Words of Faith and Hope published!

  1. Thank you Melanie- btw, I have intended for quite some time to ask you if you have considered a post about St. Birgitta of Sweden? You may recall she was married and had 8 children before her husband died, and then became a religious and began an order! I would love to see it! 🙂


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