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Ours is a Holy Family Too

That Space of Life Between


Our Christmas belen (set of images that depicts the nativity scene) reminds us that even our Lord belonged to a family. Jesus did not just descend from heaven as a grown-up man, teaching and healing people. Just like any of us, Jesus was born, grew up with a father and mother, had probably done household chores with Mary and had surely accompanied Joseph in repairing their neighbourhood’s chairs. Long before the disciples experienced his first miracle at Cana, for His parents, Jesus became the miracle Himself at Bethlehem. With his birth, they became a family.

God willed His only begotten Son to be born in a family. Because of this, the family gained a special honour in the story of the Incarnation. It was sanctified and was made an instrument to raise among us the Messiah that is destined to save us from our sins. Indeed, the family is special…

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