We’ve come a long way, Baby

On day 30 of the 40 Days for Life worldwide prayer campaign, I went to the Little Rock, Arkansas Family Planning clinic with other members of my church.  

The Little Rock Family Planning clinic performs abortion procedures. 

40 days 4


 While we were there, a young man and woman drove inside in a truck.  They sat inside the truck for several minutes, during which time the guy periodically got out and smoked a cigarette.   He would get back in the truck and they would sit a few more. In and out, in and out. After several minutes, the young lady finally got out, he went to the other side, they hugged and then she tearfully went inside.  Our sidewalk counselor motioned to him to come receive literature, but he refused.


dogs and abortion

I am still stunned that I was able to find the photo above to describe what happened next.

After this precious woman, his pregnant, soon to be post-abortive girlfriend went inside the facility (hate calling those places “clinics”), he went inside the truck and carried out a blonde lab mix puppy, probably 8-12 weeks old.  As a matter of fact, it looked like the puppy in the picture.  The guy put a leash on the cute pup, and sat out a dish with food for him or her.  Nice.  The long-haired security guard came over, struck up a conversation and asked him about the puppy.   


                                   How Sweet!  

Then we have some work to do:  We have to connect the above scenario with this one: The couple’s made-in- the- image- of- God, once -in- a -lifetime child, with an established gender and unique, never to be repeated DNA code, is going to be flushed down a long tube.  But how nice and HUMANE of this couple, to rescue and preserve the life of their cute lil pup.  God bless them??

        pa dumb media

Have we lost our minds?

I won’t answer that, but I will offer that I believe we are actually living out Natural Law in complete and total reverse. Our motto has become: Good is Evil, and Evil is Good.

And I will also add that I believe it is going to take a superb, Aquinian type mind to help us untangle the chaotic, immoral, unethical,  cultural landscapes we have brought down on our heads,  repent and change the worship of ourselves back to the worship of God and His only Son Jesus.  Then, we will be able to know and do good, and know and avoid evil.

    Jesus and me

Aquinas, pray for us.

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