Monday with Aquinas


I just love Aquinas’ process of blending faith and reason.  He never sees them as distinct and diametrically opposing realms, but a symphony which aids the human intellect to achieve greater levels of the experience of God through divine grace.

This experience is always real for me in the holy sacrifice of the Mass.  As I listen to, sing along, respond with, as opposed to just hearing, seeing and repeating like a parrot, what Aquinas is saying really does come alive for me.  I can literally imagine swarms of angels and the community of saints right there at that moment along with me and everyone. I think about all of the Masses taking place in that moment all over the world,  with the same scriptures being read.  I hear prayers all going up simultaneously for the benefit of mankind.  

“THE virtue of faith causes the mind to assent to a truth

which, transcending human understanding, is held in divine knowledge…. Men accept God’s knowledge by faith and are joined thereby to Him. Faith’s principal object is God Himself; other things are subsidiary and dependent.”

~St. Thomas Aquinas: ‘Disputations concerning Truth,’ 14, 8.

Artwork: Allegory of Faith, by Moretto da Brescia. Oil on panel, c. 1540; The Hermitage, St. Petersburg.


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