Unity in Diversity


 “We always need to encourage communion in all of the fields of life,” he said, so that we may grow in the unity that God gives us, and also to promote the ecumenical journey.” -Pope Francis


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“Who is the motor of this unity of the Church? It is the Holy Spirit. Our unity is not primarily the fruit of our consensus, of our effort to be in agreement, but it comes from Him who makes unity in diversity, which is harmony. Because of this, prayer is important, which is the soul of our commitment as men and women of communion, of unity.”

7 thoughts on “Unity in Diversity

  1. Thank you for a beautiful post. I especially like your heading “Unity in Diversity”. I agree with you that this is crucial for any organization, but especially for something as big as Christianity and the Catholic Church. I did a blogpost with the same heading on the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul as these two individuals were very different in background, education, temperment. They did not always agree, but they were unified in their love of Christ, which motivated them to found Christianity.


    W. Ockham


    • Glad you like this, William. I had not heard of “unity of diversity” before Pope Francis’ talk the other day. It is an interesting expression I could think more about,and it certainly speaks to the urgency in Christianity to heal from divisions and polarization from disputes over doctrine vs a pastoral approach, progressive vs traditional and on and on. It only hurts us and our witness.

      But as you pointed out and thank you for reminding me, Sts Peter and Paul have much wisdom to share with us about unity. Thanks for stopping by and blessings, Kassey


  2. I agree, Carl. In light of the recent events in Missouri and New York, the state of affairs in America seem to be getting worse not better. It is sad that we are just not trusting each other to work out problems on a local or national scale. Until we admit we need healing and reconciliation, I’m sure we will continue to see posts like this one from Pope Francis. Merry Christmas to you too, and thank you for stopping by!


      • He really is. His emphasis, for example, on the profession of faith in Jesus Christ among Christians ( irrespective of religious persuasion and doctrine), really speaks ‘unity in diversity’ to me and is most refreshing. With this starting point, who knows what could happen in mainstream society? the sky is the limit! thanks for your comment.


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