Singing for 40 Days

40 days

I formed you in the womb

As I prepare for the Fall 40 days for life campaign in Little Rock, I thought about my post, “The Babies can’t Sing,”  from the Spring campaign.  In so far as I am expecting to experience similar observations, I decided to re-post it with more faith and hope; more hope in that the favor of abortion will noticeably be less.  I say this with a fair amount of confidence, as the sentencing of Gosnell to life, closing of Planned Parenthood clinics and State restrictions on abortion facilities in the past year have taken their toll on the sensitivities of the American people. For their lives:

I was looking at a splintered gray six foot fence.   The Little Rock Family Planning clinic, grayish to match, performs abortion procedures on the other side of the fence.    The parking lot around the facility, with the exception of a few cars here and there, is void of activity save for the long-haired security guard sitting at the front door.  Why is there a guard?  This facility’s mission is not about safety or preserving the dignity of valuable human life.  Is he guarding the “rights” of innocent unborn life brought inside its eerie corridors?  Surely you jest.  The situation is hopelessly contradictory; the mother’s- to -be are guaranteed the right by the clinic’s “human resource dept” to put their well being at risk to deprive their unborn of their Constitutionally guaranteed right to life protections.

Be that as it may,  I walked a bit down the sidewalk to join the others in group prayer. I glance at the guard, who looks at us curiously.  Pray-ers and sidewalk counselors are here everyday and the killing continues.

Do I sound cynical? Perhaps.  Perhaps because as I stand shoulder to shoulder with brethren to plead for the closing of this wretched place, and to spare the lives of babies and the sanity of their mothers, a medical supply truck slips in the driveway loaded with fresh oxygen and anesthesia tanks used for the ghastly procedures.  Perhaps because life around us is going on as usual; nothing wrong here.  A woman pulls up and asks one of us is she knows where so-and-so is.  Sorry,  she was not that familiar with the neighborhood, she said she was “just here praying.”  ho hum.  The woman drives on as if we were not standing there and she did not hear what she said.

What are we passionate about?  What moves us?

Perhaps I sound cynical because as I offered the prayers for Christians who were not with me, and prayed for the conversion of souls in the clinic, I hear blue jays and mockingbirds singing.    As I listen to their lovely chirps, I start to cry; they have freedom to sing and play; the babies inside do not.  How can we as a country allow this to happen?  what has happened to us?

Then I become aware of something else.  I remember Jesus’ disciples in the boat when it started to storm.  The waters were raging and the boat was tossed to the point it was going to turn over.  The disciples became afraid and desperate.  Lord, where are You?????  Don’t You care?

I hear a still small voice.   Yes, K, I am with You.  I know all about what’s happening.  I hear yours and your loved ones storming heaven with your petitions.

His peace and the chirps.

“Be not afraid.”

For more info or to sign up for 40 days for life in your area, click on   God bless you during what I believe will be the most victorious 40 days for life so far!

love them both        pray to end abortion                                                     Lord forgive us

2 thoughts on “Singing for 40 Days

  1. I hope you are right, Kassey. I hope “that the favor of abortion will noticeably be less” this year.

    I don’t think I will be able to make it up there, but my prayers will be with you and those like you who will be storming heaven with your prayers once again.

    I wish you and all who make the effort to help with 40 Days of Life the favor of God in 2013.


  2. Hi Chris, I will see how it goes. Remember in your prayers that the clinic in Little Rock has enlisted the help of Arkansas Civil Liberties U to challenge the 12 week ban the legislature just passed last session. It will come up in March I think. In the meantime, the clinic has an injunction to do them.

    But the good news is they cannot do 20 weeks and over anymore. That is state law now.

    Thanks for checking this out and your blessing.


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