Thinking to Jesus


“Aristotle and the head of Homer” by Rembrandt

Aristotle said. “All humans desire to know.” *

What do we desire to know? Well, we have many questions, such as what is the meaning and purpose of our life, why am I here? Where am I going? When we ask these questions and others, we are trying to get to TRUTH.

Keep thinking, asking and seeking the truth. 

 John Paul II said that we are so bogged down with knowledge, our ability to reason has “wilted.” We don’t ask critical questions and we expect science to solve life’s mysteries. This has happened largely due to historical abuses of institutional power, bombarding secularism and relativism.  World War II and the Communist Manifesto, for example, brought the loss of trust in  meta-narratives which include the writings of the Church fathers and the holy bible.  

Resistance to meaning and the abandonment of the reality of truth flirts dangerously with nihilism, the view that traditional values are useless.  If we continue to refuse a moral framework one will be assigned- one such as moral relativism by default.

Refuse Truth and you refuse it’s beauty- that evils will be exposed for what they are.  And while we will experience dark ugly truths in life such as the annihilation of 6 million Jews in the holocaust and 54 million from abortion, Truth is alive, a cornucopia of value, as mysterious and vast as the Word Incarnate Himself- the Way, the Truth and the Life, our Saviour who died to overcome darkness and fill our life with meaning – God’s Son Jesus Christ. Ask Him to come into your heart today.

*Metaphysics, Book 1

Way Truth Life


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