Dear Secular Media

DonAddisSave the pablum, let’s actually talk.

                                          Respect Life

A woman has the “right to choose life’ for her child!                                                              

Over the last 40 years, the media has actively pushed the lie that abortion liberates women. Abortion is the greatest blessing to women, it rewards them with femininity, independence and wholeness .   Question:  Inasmuch as journalism writers are trained to get to the heart of the matter, maybe you can back up your claim, based on testimonies of post abortive women, medical and psychological data, if they are really healthy, whole and happy? 

The truth of the matter is, the abortion holocaust has markedly rewarded us with a legacy of over 54,000,000 human beings gone forever.   Our ‘culture of death’, so named by John Paul II, has been nurtured compliments of your voice.  Our culture ascribes value to life in relation to comfort, convenience and a life free of sacrifice.  You must be proud of women’s independence.  They are so independent they are called names and endure  social isolation if they decide (oh heavens!) to have a child.

“But,”  you say, “it is not up to the government to ‘to fight for limitations’ on reproductive rights.”  Exactly! So why did the Supreme Court get involved in an issue that belonged to the state, was being managed by the state, and intrusively “fought for limitations” on the lives of innocent human beings through  government sanctioned, tax-funded, abortion-on-demand?

Pomposity.  Speaking of throwing out the baby with the bathwater (no pun intended).  Here’s what really happened:

Roe v. Wade extended maximum liberty to the woman, an exercise that supplanted serious consideration of the effects of legalized abortion on women’s long-term emotional, spiritual and physical health and not to mention, the mental and moral effects on families and society at large. The Blackmun Court refused to engage the question of when life begins. Thus, respect for life dissipated, went over the cliff and continues to decline in our nation.   The implications of the “right to privacy” defense go on and on.  Everyone’s talking about what is “equal” nowadays.  What about the unborn child and the father’s right to privacy and equal protection under the law? What about a man’s equal right to be a father?   The hypocrisy shouts loud and clear: since a man is given moral approval to escort his partner to the abortion clinic, drop her off in broad daylight while claiming the equal right to refuse fatherhood, why is there societal angst over child support issues, abandoned and neglected children, and “deadbeat dads”?

Finally ladies and gentlemen, we also hear frequently, “children who are already here are more important.”  Absurd.   A 22 day old embryo is the size of the period at the end of this sentence, has DNA, gender, and is “already here,” with a heart beating 70 times a minute.

Mr. and Ms. Secular media, let’s rediscover women’s forgotten “right”- the right to choose life and in-so-doing, heal society.  And please, please, please, report more stories about people like John Barros, who want to protect mothers and their babies in crisis:



4 thoughts on “Dear Secular Media

  1. Wow. What a great video, Kassey. There is no question that I will be using it on my blog next month.

    Thankfully, your Mom and my Mom made the right decision. You are here to celebrate your birthday. And I would like to wish you the best of birthdays.

    May God bless you.

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. That is a nice thought, Chris. I was thinking something like this morn at the pregnancy center, that it was very appropriate that I was at Change Point on my birthday. Wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.

    And by all means share that video! The more the merrier! And thanks for stopping by! Blessings, Kassey


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