Ground Zero and Beyond

Ground Zero



Tonite I watched Frontline’s “Faith & Doubt: At Ground Zero”

I will never forget 9/11.  I was in Minneapolis, Minnesota on the campus of North Central University.  It was a bright sunny morning until I went inside Miller Hall.  Walking down one of the hallways, I saw some people looking at a scene on a television set.  There was something odd about their expressions.   Intrigued, I walked over to an instructor I knew.

I looked at the smoky scene surrounding the Twin Towers on the television screen. Mystified, I looked back at the instructor.

“We’ve been attacked.”

Something in me recoiled and I immediately turned around and walked out of the room.  I went back outside and walked around in a daze.

At Chapel that morning (North Central is a bible college), classes were cancelled.  I’ll never forget the worship that morning.  Praise was especially more passionate with the tears and cries melodically interspersed with words and song.  We blended perfectly.  In our grief and sadness, a sense of peace came over us that was simply indescribable. I would not wish for anything like a 9/11 ever again, but while the trauma pained and shook, for me it also healed and increased faith in God.  I believed as I did prior to 9/11, that the problem of evil is explained by man having free will.

9/11 shook America’s soul and it did even more than that, it challenged our ability to reconcile inconsistencies in  the world.   We had to ask over and over again, why do bad things happen to good people?

How about you?

Where were you on 9/11?  Did the attack effect you in a personal way?  What did you do to process this devastating event? How did you integrate the event into your world view, your view of God and especially the problem of evil?

                                                                    Opposite Ground Zero


6 thoughts on “Ground Zero and Beyond

  1. We are Canadianbut still we sat in shock watching the tv sreen ,over and over again as the other attacks unfolded, ..we were eas like our wholr world view shifted, our paradigms shattered.. how could anyone conceive, dream up such a demonic act against civilians? this is not a normal sory of war..why would anyone actually pilot a plane and crash it ???


    • Yes,thank you for commenting. It’s exactly like you asked, how could anyone do what those men did? They plotted, organized and schemed for a year and a half to carry out that horrible act.

      But what beauty came from it! I have never seen in my life, the magnitude of caring and loving kindnesses among neighbors and brothers of good will to ease suffering. It was awesome. And the memorial is so beautiful, too, with the blue rays of light where the towers used to be, reaching up to heaven. 🙂


  2. Hi Kassey.

    I was living in Hot Springs and working in a lab where we cultured fish that are used for water quality tests. My boss had a T.V. in his office and he came back to the lab and told me that something was happening. I watched as the second plane hit. My boss was worried because air traffic was shut down and all of our packages went next-day air with Federal Express. I believe 9/11 was on a Tuesday, not as busy as a Monday. Nevertheless, he was concerned that we wouldn’t get our packages out. I had work to do, so I went back to the lab and spend the rest of the day finishing my job. I’m sure I was praying, but I don’t remember. I agree completely with your comment: “I believed as I did prior to 9/11, that the problem of evil is explained by man having free will.” Thank God for free will. Without it we would never begin to understand His love. Thanks for the very interesting post. God’s blessings…


  3. Thank you for your response too, Chris. Yes I identify with “I’m sure I was praying, but I don’t remember.” I recall having a ‘shock block’ as well that lasted pretty much all day. It was like the whole world heaved a gasp and shut down emotionally for that day. And do you remember the “God we trust” signs and like that came up all over cities across the US after? And people started going to church again? Wish that could have lasted longer….

    By the way, what was the name of that lab? Is it still in Hot Springs? Blessings, Kassey


  4. Hi Kassey.

    I also remember the “God we trust” signs and the flag waving. It is sad, particularly, that church attendance increases in the bad times. We seem to have short memories. It seems that fewer go now than before the 9/11 event. I hope I’m wrong.

    The name of the lab was Aquatox, and it still exits. I worked there when it was next to Lake Hamilton near a trailer park. The owner built a new building. I think it is on Twin Points Rd. I think of him and his family often as he is not a Christian. I tried, repeatedly, to get him to watch a Christian show that would appeal to the scientist type. I gave him the days and channel when he could watch the show. He never took me up on my offer that I’m aware. Although an atheist, he paid me well for this Arkansas but God had other plans for me…Change Point!

    Honestly, I was so stressed when I left that I couldn’t have gone another day. It took quite a few months to rebound. It is not my boss’s fault. There were many factors that led to me leaving. I believe he is running another business besides Aquatox. I wish him well, but as far as I know he is still not a Christian. His wife is, however. He has two daughters that I also pray for occasionally.
    I’m looking forward to your next post.

    God’s blessings…


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