From Poletown to Ghostown

20120915005324_tdndc5-5uzfvtw4y9dbmzgphuf_originalI lived in Detroit as a teen. In the early 1980’s, GM proposed a brand spanking new Cadillac plant, which was supposed to put 6,500 people to work. Struggling in a bad economy, Detroit got on board. The price would include reimbursing 4200 people and businesses for their property, plus a controversy centered around a treasured polish immigrant Catholic Church (which by the way was where I accepted Christ). It was a teary day for me watching the wrecking ball hit the right bell tower. The debate was so fiery Ralph Nader was brought in to fight GM. Read more here:
Alas, any happy endings were few. Everyone knows GM filed for bankruptcy in 2008. In 2010, there were only 3000 people employed at that plant. And Fr Joseph in the picture? He died of a heart attack 6 months after Immaculate Conception was bulldozed. And who is going to save Detroit now?
Det News
Ralph Nader


2 thoughts on “From Poletown to Ghostown

    • So true. I think as well Detroit has reached a point of no return to a stable, flourishing economy, let alone anything resembling its glory days as an automobile and music capital of the world. The neighborhoods are ruined. Such a shame.

      thank you for commenting! hope you are having a good Easter season.


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