Water bugs and hope

                                        children at play







 Your children’s world is full of friends. … OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  One summer afternoon as Bobby and his friends were swinging, the crosspiece holding the ropes fell suddenly forward.  It struck the little boy a crushing blow, taking his life in an instant.

‘Where has Bobby gone?’       

      Such was the case in our little community.  Our five-year-old son Ned and his playmate, Bobby were inseparable companions.  Full of energy, they played games or took turns on a neighbor’s swing.  We loved to see them together.     

     We parents of the neighborhood were terribly shaken.  Of course, death had entered our lives before.  It was not a new experience for any one of us.  But what should we say to our children  in answer to the inevitable questions?  We must find words that would not only satisfy them but our own adult minds as well.

      It fell to my husband, a pastor of the church, to hold the service in memory of Bobby.  In preparing what he should say, he recalled a boyhood experience.                                                                 

 ‘When I was nine years old, our young minister told us boys the fable of the water bug who changed into a dragonfly.  I haven’t the slightest idea where he found the story.  But the fact that I have remembered it all these years makes me think that I should tell it at Bobby’s service.  It might be helpful to the parents and the children there.’ “    Excerpt from “Death” by Doris Stickney


Footprints in the sand

   Be of Good Cheer!


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