Archive | December 22, 2012

A special Family

A special girl
Is told of a special Child
Good News from an Angel
About a Babe tender and mild;

Special Mother- to- be sings of God’s greatness
God’s favor on the lowly rings true
Mary’s special Joseph completes her utter joy
Hail, most blessed are you;

Special trials summon special faith
Joseph, do not be afraid
Take the girl Mary into your home
God will lead you where the Babe is laid

Hark; danger lurks o’er the land
An edict seeks the Child
The angel tells Joseph to flee
To save special, Mercy mild

Star gazers see a special star
From the East they came and drew near
O’er the special Family were swarms of angels
Guarding what pharaoh will not bear

Animals sound their joyful bay
Angels and special shepherds sing
“Glory to God in the Highest”
O Emmanuel, our newborn King