Two Hearts




-A special prayer for parishioners of the former Immaculate Conception parish in Detroit, Mich.,living and deceased. Mother, pray for them and may perpetual light shine on them.

Mother, Son Incarnate

Two hearts beating as one

One Immaculate, the other
Together the Father’s will be

Mother and Son, hearts in
Both filled with the Holy
United to make the Church one accord
And peace to earth with it;

Mother and Son, together
Their hearts will never roam
Praying for peace and good
will toward men
Thus working to bring us

Mother and Son, loving the Father’s
Our source of love and peace
Taking our prayers before
the Father’s Throne
Their prayers will never cease;

Mother and Son, our gracious
Bid our Father of love
Tell Him of our sincere
His Spirit descends like a

Mother and Son,
We love you always
Keep us in your prayers
Help us in our journey way
And keep us all our days.                                           images-16

written by Kassey and published in the Our Sunday Visitor newsweekly, December 25, 2006.

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